New Project

I just returned from a month in Java.  I went back with the help of a small grant, really hoping to finish up some lingering projects.  I was also trying to get some new things started. Amongst my new projects, I am now working in collaboration with Alia Sawastika, a young curator at the Ark … More New Project


With my project at the Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University back in play, I am pleased to report that I am also developing a book project to document some of my recent work in Java. I am going to make a book/catalog with Afterhours Books – a great little publisher based in Jakarta … More Afterhours

Off the Back Burner

The past few years, I’ve been pursuing a number of different large, long-term projects.  The past year a half, I’ve really been focusing on my manuscript for Oxford University Press.  This manuscript is finalized, and going into production now. With this book approaching resolution, I’ve again begun refocusing on one of my projects in Indonesia. Between … More Off the Back Burner


Like most Americans, when Donald Trump proposed a ban on all Muslim immigrants trying to enter the United States, I was totally appalled. While leaders of both major political parties were quick to condemn these remarks, there is doing no denying the great phobia of Islam sweeping across America.  With that in mind, Trump clearly … More @hijabfashion

Draft Introduction

So, over the last couple of months, I’ve been working with the idea of writing a history of photography in Indonesia (or really Java).  My idea is to do a comprehensive survey, that starts with the Dutch colonial government, goes through independence, the New Order, and finishing with a look at the emerging trends and … More Draft Introduction

Kering (Drought)

I just finished reading Kering (or translated at Drought) by Iwan Simatupang.  It’s part of the wonderful series of books published by the Lontar Foundation in Jakarta, the Modern Library of Indonesia. It’s a very strange and compelling book. In his opinion, normal man was to blame for every disharmony in the world.  The normal man allowed the devil … More Kering (Drought)

30 September 1965

Fifty years ago, a major coup took place in Indonesia, putting Suharto in power as president of the nation, and instigating a mass slaughter of suspected communists.  It was an important – and too often under acknowledged – part of Indonesian and global history. It’s really been since the fall of Suharto in 1998 that … More 30 September 1965