Amran Malik Hakim

So again, while I continue to look for funding so that I can return to Java, I also find ways to continue to build the connections I need to pull this project together, including connections with a couple of new photographers. With the help of Tino Djumini, I’ve recently met Amran Malik Hakim. A recent graduate of… More Amran Malik Hakim

Arum Tresnaningtyas Dayuputri (Aumdayu)

It’s been a while, too long really, since I posted anything here.  Realistically, in a way these projects documented here are on hold, though I have been moving them forward – working on grant writing, lecturing at the Cornell/Yale Indonesian Studies Conference, and finding venues for this exhibition. It’s been about a year since I… More Arum Tresnaningtyas Dayuputri (Aumdayu)


Still fresh back from seeing the wonderful exhibition curated by Gael Newton at the National Gallery of Australia – Garden of the East:  Photography in Indonesia 19850s-1940s – I spent my morning in one of the Cornell libraries looking at some photographs made by a prolific Japanese photography in Indonesia in the early 1930s, K.T.… More Satake

Garden of the East

So I just returned from a week in Canberra, Australia.  I went to see an exhibition currently on view at the National Gallery – Garden of the East:  Photography in Indonesia 1850s-1940s – and to participate in a short conference staged in conjunction with the exhibition. The exhibition is great, really the first of its… More Garden of the East


I’ve been back from Indonesia for about 3 weeks now, and the momentum of my trip and discoveries seem to be leveling out. My projects and goals are defined, and now the work to put them all together will just take time, communication, and cooperation. And the other day, I had a nice opportunity to… More Culminations

When Two Become One

What you see here is an attempt to reconcile or unify two distinct intellectual and creativity curiosities and pursuits I’ve held close for years. I first went to Indonesia in the fall of 1992.  My goal was to study Balinese gamelan, though what I found was much bigger and greater than I anticipated.  I did… More When Two Become One