30 September 1965

Fifty years ago, a major coup took place in Indonesia, putting Suharto in power as president of the nation, and instigating a mass slaughter of suspected communists.  It was an important – and too often under acknowledged – part of Indonesian and global history. It’s really been since the fall of Suharto in 1998 that… More 30 September 1965

Amran Malik Hakim

So again, while I continue to look for funding so that I can return to Java, I also find ways to continue to build the connections I need to pull this project together, including connections with a couple of new photographers. With the help of Tino Djumini, I’ve recently met Amran Malik Hakim. A recent graduate of… More Amran Malik Hakim

Arum Tresnaningtyas Dayuputri (Aumdayu)

It’s been a while, too long really, since I posted anything here.  Realistically, in a way these projects documented here are on hold, though I have been moving them forward – working on grant writing, lecturing at the Cornell/Yale Indonesian Studies Conference, and finding venues for this exhibition. It’s been about a year since I… More Arum Tresnaningtyas Dayuputri (Aumdayu)


Still fresh back from seeing the wonderful exhibition curated by Gael Newton at the National Gallery of Australia – Garden of the East:  Photography in Indonesia 19850s-1940s – I spent my morning in one of the Cornell libraries looking at some photographs made by a prolific Japanese photography in Indonesia in the early 1930s, K.T.… More Satake

Garden of the East

So I just returned from a week in Canberra, Australia.  I went to see an exhibition currently on view at the National Gallery – Garden of the East:  Photography in Indonesia 1850s-1940s – and to participate in a short conference staged in conjunction with the exhibition. The exhibition is great, really the first of its… More Garden of the East