The Next Destination

On June 12th, I leave for Indonesia.

I received a small grant to see if I can put together a larger study, a study of photographic practice in Indonesia.  And I feel I’ve put together an interesting itinerary.  I fly to Bali, spend a week in Sanur, and fly to Yogjakarta, spend another week there, and then finally 4-5 days in Jakarta.

I begin in Bali, where I will be meeting faculty at both Udayana University and ISI Denpasar, the state art college in Bali.  I owe special thanks to Kaja McGowan, Pak Wayan Widia, and Frank Raden in organizing these meetings.

From Denpasar, I fly to Yogjakarta in Central Java (seat of some of the most tremendous of Java’s cultural empires).  Here I will meet with Jeannie Park – Director of Yayasan Bagong Kissudiardja – and Anggi Minari at the Yogjakarta Heritage Center.  (And the I also hope to visit Prembanan and the Plaosan Temples, and hopefully Borobudur.)  I will also visit ISI Surakarta – the state art college in Solo – while in Central Java.  And here I owe thanks to Chris Miller, Joko Purwanto, and Michael Asmara in getting these meetings.

From Yogja, I fly to Jakarta, where I plan on meeting with John McGlynn at Lontar Press.

I’ve decided to begin this blog to document some of my studies.


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