The Archives

I spent more time with Claire Holt’s work, including looking over some of the notes and images found in her archives.

It is cleared to me now that while her documentation of the art produced by the Mataram and Majapahit empires I found most fascinating, but Holt’s real concern was understanding Indonesia’s growth into modernity, and the emergence of a unified, national state and identity (true to the goals of the CMIP, of which she was a founding member).

I’ve found it interesting to look over some of her notes and photographs.

While intended as a way to make notes and organize her ideas about different Indonesia languages, patterns, and aesthetic concerns, pages such as these also have an interesting quality themselves.

They almost remind of me some modernist or contemporary art strategies, perhaps like Hans Peter Feldman, or Bernd and Hilla Becher.

I continually find myself amazed by the depth of her accomplishments.

To continue my studies, I am now reading a book by Hildred Geertz, a collaboration/biography of the Balinese painter Ida Bagus Made Togog.

Like Holt’s text, this offers an interesting look into the early process of Modernization, and the emergence of Balinese culture and identity as it mixed more fully with the west.

Perhaps more on this later.


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