Selamat Jalan

After I spending a night in New York City (and watching The Mavericks bump The Heat), I took a train to JFK Airport.

Perhaps my sensitivity for observing culture is heightened as I develop my psyche for this trip, but I observed the people and culture before on the train with keen interest, and with a real curiosity about the complexity and layers now before me.

On the car I saw two North African, Muslim couples, both women covered head to toe, one with just a small slit for her eyes; there was a transvestite junky on the nod; a seikh man with a bulbous, alcoholic nose; a homeless vagrant with his life packed in a suitcase which was duct-taped together, using the car to sleep; and a myriad of people lost in the screens of their phones and iPads.

And so it begins……


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