2nd POSE (for Wimo)

When I met Wimo Ambala Bayang in Yogya, he gave me a few catalogs of his work.

One was an unfinished book dummy called 2nd Pose.  These pictures are a series of portraits of Javanese (Yogyanese) artists taken on the city streets.  Each portrait is made with a panorama camera, and features different artists posed on the streets of Yogya.  Each picture has the artist’s name, medium, the location, and the date written underneath.

To further my education, I decided to look up images by/of each of these artists.

The first four here – a picture by Wimo of the Barrack Obama inauguration ceremony, photographed off the tv in Hollad, the subtitles in Dutch – a print by Nindityo Adipurnomo, director of the Cemeti Art House – a painting by Bambang ‘Toko’ Witjaksono – and a portrait of Bob Sick.

I won’t put them all up here, but I’ll leave a good selection.

I wish there were more photographs, but not many complaints.  These are some remarkable images.  Take this Dono painting; it’s still reminiscent of wayang styles of painting, and yet also as uninhibited Dubuffet.

A groove established by leaps and bounds throughout the history of photographic practice in Indonesia still leaves a lot left to be articulated, but nonetheless reveals many opportunities.  In Indonesia, the discourse of photography is still a growing problem, still with a debate about form and content – as artwork and/or documentation.

2nd POSE is a cutting edge work by MES 56 which pursues these limits in and questions about photography, and begins the discussion with the portrait as the starting.  In general, the definition of the first pose in the portrait can be gathered around the experience of the image as proof of existence, that what is portrayed is true, namely the self. 

The quoted passages are from the introduction to 2nd POSE, written by Ferdi Tajib.  The translation is mine, so I am responsible for any mistakes.

MES 56 is an artist collective I met in Yogya, at least some of the members.

After the Dono painting – a drawing by puppeteer Sigit Sukasman – a portrait of comedian Yati Pesek – a piece by Nadiah Beadhaj –  a painting by Entang Wiharso – and a painting of wayang puppets by Nasirun.  I am just more and more curious to learn about the art scene in Yogya.


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