Some Photographs, and Photographs of Photographs

I decided for a different kind of post tonight.

I’ve spent the last few weeks printing some of the photographs I made in Bali and Java this summer.  I’ve only printed 15-20 negatives, about a third of what I hope to print.

It is clearer to me now that I spent much of my photographic time photographing other photographs (perhaps a realization born from reading Karen Strassler’s book Refracted Visions).

There are many types of photographs – landscapes, street scenes, graffiti, etc…

But time and again I turned my attention to photographs I found on the city streets.

The pictures are printed with a sort of haphazard photographic technique.  After initial printing, they are tossed back and forth almost randomly between bathes of chemical bleaches, gold toners, and smoldering pots of tea.  The prints are all about 2″x3.5″.

I hope that somewhere here is small artist book, or some kind of edition.

I’ve given the pictures the working title The Writing on the Wall and Other Observations:  Sanur-Yogya-Jakarta 2011.

*My scanner is weak, so the pictures and prints – despite the nonchalance by which made – are richer than they appear here.


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