Picture Paradise


A recent correspondence with Gael Newton at the National Gallery of Australia turned me onto what looks like a wonderful exhibition and publication called Picture Paradise:  Asia-Pacific Photography 1840’s-1940’s.


The website for the exhibition is fabulous, includes lots of wonderful photographs, and also a nice introductory essay by Ms. Newton (I plan getting the book soon).  There are also links to different photographs and collections held by the museum, among them this wonderful Woodbury and Page photograph of Javanese Serimpies dancers, as well as the Leo Haks collection of photographs held at the gallery.


Apparently, Ms. Newton is now organizing an exhibition based on the Leo Haks collection at the National Gallery, a survey of early photograph in Indonesia.  Think I might just have to make a trip to Canberra.



2 thoughts on “Picture Paradise

  1. The Indonesian exhbition next year will be in Canberra at the National Gallery of Australia, not in Sydney Brian. I am amongst a band of photohistorians in Australia very interested in Walter Woodbury’s work, so I am looking forward to Gael’s exhibition and its Woodbury content and hopefully there will be a conference associated with the exhibition. “Picture Paradise” was wonderful.

  2. Brian

    Thanks for the link to our site. Most of the Indonesian collection ( the family albums still await cataloguing ) is online http://www.nga.gov.au go to advanced collection search and put Haks in the provenance tab and you will see several thousand images.
    I have a small supply of Picture Paradise for the first followeres to send me their address. It can be ordered online through the NGA shop.

    Gael Newton
    Senior Curator , Photography National Gallery of Australia

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