Studio Visit

The other day, I had another studio visit with a young photographer in Yogya named Dito Yuwono.


And once again, it was a great conversation.  Dito is much younger than the other photographers I’ve met thus far, but still has some interesting work and ideas.


He showed me work from several series – including a performance piece about the massacres in Indonesia in 1965, photographs of strangers on the street, and some very personal images made about his own health issues.


Of the work he showed me, I was interested in the strangers (largely for the presentation), and his self-portraits.  Apparently, Dito was born with some series health problems, and for the first 10-12 years of his life, under went a number of different surgeries.


For these photographs, he made a number of self-portraits, while holding xrays made over the years.  All the pictures are nudes, but obscured by the xray film held over his body.


My fourth studio visit in Yogya, and all have been a delight.


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