Affandi (an Aside)

His paintings were fist exhibited at Cornell University in 1962.


He customized his own sports car to look like a fish, complete with a spoiler.

Seorang Pria Duduk_Affandi_001

He spent two years in India, around 1949-51, painting, and for what many thought to be his most creative years.


In 1954, his work was exhibited in the Venice Biennale, where he won an award for his work and contribution to the exhibition.


He traveled all over Europe, exhibiting his paintings in Paris, London, Brussels, and Rome.

Andong_AFFANDI _001

Largely just for a break from my typical routines, yesterday I went to the Affandi Museum in Yogyakarta.


It was a welcome distraction.  Unlike most, perhaps, I seemed to respond most to his early works, before his pioneering style had really formed.  I also really loved his drawings.  Simple, spontaneous, and full of energy.


Mostly, I think, I loved the since of freedom and play he sustained throughout his work and career.


Born in 1907, and died in 1990, and Affandi left behind a remarkable and deep body of work.  Full of life and originality.


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