Studio Visit

While still in Bandung, I had the chance to meet with photographer Henrycus Napitsungaro.


I first saw his work at Gallery S.14, at the home of Aminudin Siregar.  I immediately took an interest in his work, and Aminudin set up a meeting for us.


Henrycus showed me two bodies of work, After Image (shown here, a sort of autobiographical piece), and a series of photographs made in Chinatown in Bandung.


I was most interested in After Image, perhaps because of its similarities with my own work.  The pictures explore his family life, with several self-portraits that include his mother.  The photographs are beautifully crafted silver prints, rich and sensitive.


It was a pleasure to connect with Henrycus.  We shared a number of similar interests, and spent quite a while talking about photography.


A real photographer’s photographer, I hope we made a connection that can continue.



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