What About Me?



Born and raised in Denver, CO, Brian Arnold began his study of art in 1992, when he traveled to Bali, Indonesia to study Balinese religion, music and art. Still an undergraduate at The Colorado College, he went to Bali to complete a minor in ethnomusicology. After graduating, he moved to Denver, CO, and began working with a nonprofit group, Tunas Mekar, dedicated to bringing the traditional music, dance, and theater of Indonesia to an American audience. Working with this group, Brian continued to develop his interest in Balinese music, performing with various Balinese gamelans (percussion orchestras) in Wyoming and Colorado.

While pursuing his interest in Balinese music, Brian also began a study of photography. Working largely as a self-taught photographer, he photographed the landscapes of Colorado. His early photographs utilized a variety of 19th century photographic techniques, specifically platinum/palladium and gum bichromate printing.

After working on his photography alone for several years, Brian enrolled in an MFA program in photography at the Massachusetts College of Art. He taught photography and new media arts in the School of Art and Design at Alfred University for 15 years, and is currently working as a research fellow at Cornell University in the Southeast Asia Program.

Today, Brian continues to work with traditional black and white techniques, remaining committed to the alchemy of photography. All of his photographs are unique gelatin silver prints, toned with various combinations of selenium, sulfur, gold chloride, and Lipton tea.

In addition to photography, Brian has continued a study of Indonesia art and music.  He has performed with Tunas Mekar, Kusuma Laras, and currently works with the Cornell University Gamelan.


11 thoughts on “What About Me?

  1. Wow, what a fabulous find this blog is. I’m looking forward to reading it in depth.

    I’m also a photographer (at one time primarily 4×5, landscape and vernacular architecture). I spent a couple of years bumming around Indonesia in 1979/80, (I remember when Ubud had only 2 cheap losmens to stay in, and absolutely nothing else there) then six months in ’84. I did not go back until 2008. Much had changed and much was absolutely the same, it was interesting to compare my photographs from way back then to the recent ones. I went again in 2010 and will be there in 6 weeks time….Indonesia has been my favourite place on earth since about 5 minutes after I stepped of the plane in 1979. And …..

    Your interest in early photography in Indonesia is fabulous, a relatively unexplored area. Congrats on a terrific blog.

  2. Hi brian, im Indonesian currently researching about Indonesia’s history of photography. Your blog really help me doing my research. Can I have your email address to ask for further and more questions ? thanks 🙂

  3. I enjoyed reading what you wrote about Claire Holt. She was my godmother, and I remember speaking to her in the phone when I was small. Thank you, Claire Lev Murata

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